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A digital studio specialising in User Experience & eCommerce, we combine innovation with digital craftsmanship to help brands fulfill their potential.

What we do

We provide software devlopment, deployment and maintenance services for web, mobile and desktop.

Our Creation

We are proud devlopers of apps with over 1 million downloads in the playstore

Our Services

With experience in professional services and project delivery, SmnWay help enterprises streamline operations by optimizing the deployment of leading business process management solutions...

Mobile Optimization

Mobile optimization refers to optimizing a website specifically for mobile devices. We work on optimizing your website so that the users can have seamless experience on both web and mobile.

Mobile Applications

We have a team of mobile app developers which assure that the resulting product is as great as the team that made it. Some of our own apps has more then 1 million downloads in the playstore.

Web Development

Our services are unique combination of user-friendly design and strong internet marketing plans. We take care of every aspect of website design.

Mobile Games

Mobile games are played at different times and in different situations: at home, at work, at the bus station while waiting We focus on makeing our game easy and fun to play with and also a hint of Addictiveness. for the bus, or while on the move.

UI/UX Design

We focus on more morden design and user experience for the morden day. We make sure to make the most complex software easy to use and pleasant to look at the same time.

Branding & Identity

Brands are used in business, marketing, and advertising for recognition. We take extra care to make your brand unique and remarkable to distinguish it from all the crowd.




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Tools we use

Every project is a new story, yet some things stay the same. We pick a dedicated set of tools for each one, for the best performance possible.




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A desire to help and empower others between community contributors in technology
began to grow in 2020.

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We create projects for companies and startups with a passion for quality

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